Plans are nothing, planning is everything


 I don´t remember where I first heard those headline words. And  worse, I don´t fully understand what they are supposed to tell you. But it is a catchy phrase, and I feel that the words make sens in some ungraspable way.

Tools for planning your day and life are in abundance, in fact, it is quite overwhelming. I have tried many different planning systems. From advanced software, to the simplest kind of notebooks. Not the laptop notebook, but actual cheap paper notebooks.

It is essential for a timeplanning system to suit your style. Style in this context is a combination of your way of life, personality, and your selfperception. Who are you? Do you hold traditional values? Are you a gadget freak? Do you have a dynamic or a sedated kind of personality? Maybe most important is the question of “what do you want to be”, “and, how do you see yourself?”

The answers to these questions are important when choosing a planning system. Because any system is a challenge to stay loyal to, over time. People start planning, with high hopes of a more organized life, only to after a while fall back into the same old disorganized routines. The chance of this happening increase tenfold if you use a time/life organizer that really does´nt suit you. An effctive planningsystem needs to be congruent with your personality.

Defining who we are, is however a challenging task in these multi faceted times. We might be urban, and at the same time love the close to nature way of life. We might enjoy the opportunities that “touchscreengadgets”  gives us, and still hold dear some traditional values. In a way we can hold multiple personalities, and still be well grounded about who we are.

If you like individual style and customability. Real life “written in stone” texture, writing with a pencil, and illustrating with custom drawings, and colours, then the true and tested filofax might be your thing.In fact, it might be a part of your identity. And it is the only timemanagement system i Know of with it´s own motion picture. Filofax the movie.


Maybe you need to have your plan with you everywhere, and you live by your cellphone. Then the Pocket Informant is a true companion.

You are a free spirit, you feel that detailed planning restrains your personality. Well, a classic Moleskine notebook is minimalistic, jot enhancing, and have this bohemian, slingbag over your sholder  style to it.

Some people need to be able to share their schedule with coworkers, familymembers, secretaries, and the list goes on. Your mac or pc is your daily tool, or maybe you simply live a large part of your life on the web. Suitable planning software is everywhere on the internet and come in all sizes and prices. Google Calendar is free and highly customizable to your needs, and adapts well with other aplications.

Organizing our time is no longer an optional approach, in todays world it is a necessity for effective life mangement  both personally and professionally. Planning makes dreams and goals vastly more attainable.


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