Series: Design classics! #1

Every design or creation have got one or several prime representations.  A specimen that is like an iconic example of any given category.

What are the iconic representations of a flower, or a hat? Maybe a rose, or a bowler, all dependent on who you ask.What about a car or a wristwatch?

In a series of posts I will present an item that in my subjective opinion is a classic in its category. A classic not only by looks, but just as important as an association to the essence of the category. Timeless pieces of style and vision. You will probably have your own favorites, and you are very welcome to share it in the comment field.

First out is a motorcycle: The Bmw R90s.


First launched in1974. A design and performance beauty. Portraing an adventurous lifestyle with epic rides into the sunset. Or maybe on a curvy backcountry road on a crisp Sunday morning. Considered to be the first “supersport bike” back in the seventies. Today, a collectors item.


Check out this link:


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