Series: 5 ways to stay Motivated #1

Randone´ competitionMotivation is the mental fuel that drives us forward. Motivation is movement.

When we feel motivated everything flows easily. It takes no effort to tie our running shoes, and get out in the rain for yet another hour of exercise. The days when you, with a smile on your face, grab your towel and drinking bottle and head for the gym are easy. But what do you do when motivation drops? When you can´t find the reason to continue. When you can think of ten other things you´d rather spend time on doing.

Over the past 25 years I have had my ups and downs in my multisporter life. In this series of posts I will point to a few factors that have helped me, and others to stay motivated. Maybe a trick or two can help your motivation when everything goes uphill.

Tip nr.1: Be an enthusiast.

Enthusiasts endure! Investing time and knowledge increases the commitment that we feel towards an activity. Read about the history of your sport. Learn about the capacity requirements of  your activity. Find out how the best performers do their training, and what equipment they use. Not to copy their program or toys of choice, but just to get inspired. Engage in the community, participate in forums, read and comment on relevant blogs for your sport.

All the things that submerges you into an activity, giving you more knowledge and insight, is an investment. When the going gets tough, this investment pays off in the shape of enduring motivation.


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