Series; 5 ways to stay Motivated #2

Tip nr. 2: Keep a training diary.

Training Diary. Photo: J.FossbakkWriting down your exercises in some way can have a huge positive impact on motivation, or rather the lack of motivation. A training diary commits you on multiple levels.

  • First. It holds you accountable for the blank spots when you skip your training. It nags your conscience to see those gaps in your diary. So you better get out there and do that exercise, in order to have something to write in your book.
  • Second: A training diary or log involves you on a higher level to your active lifestyle. Involvement builds mental endurance, you will feel more obliged to keep up with the training. Even on the days when you feel out of sync with yourself as an active person.
  • Third: Your training diary makes it so much easier to differentiate your intensity and volume, the often crucial act of periodization. It can help you stay on track, and at the same time give you the freedom to do spontaneous changes in your schedule.
  • Most important: It is fun and satisfying to be able to follow your own training history. Your training diary is your personal leagacy, the history book of you as an active individual. No one can write it for you.

As with all planning tools, choose the one that suits your style. Moleskine books, Spiral bound planners, or advanced training software like Sport Tracks 

Personally I use Sport Tracks together wit my Garmin Edge device, for my multisport activities. And a small Moleskine book to log my climbing training. Start writing your history!


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