The lost days of velvia

Sometimes I miss those innocent days when I wandered around with my trusty Nikon F3. A shaky tripod, which I don´t miss, and a few rolles of velvia film was all I carried most of the time. Pressing the shutter with causion, only when the chances of a good image were high.

With scarce amounts of money to spend on film, you had to make every frame count. Waiting every new month for my copy of “fotografi”, staring in awe at the amazing images of those established photographers. That kind of skil level seemed to be out of reach, and in many cases, it was. So much about photography was unknown to me. It still is, but those days were mysterious in a way. How did he take that photograph? How can she come so close on those faces, and still make them look natural? What camera is he using? That Leica M would be nice to have some day! Maybe I should go to the beach like Elliot Erwitt!

Oh, well! The Digital Revolution came and swept the whole photography community off  balance for a while. When the dust settled to the ground a new era was upon us. Dane Sanders calls it the “Digiflat era” . Now everybody can raise their level. Technically, you can learn everything on the internet, at least in theory. You can market yourself, and showcase your photos worldwide for free. Pressing the shutter in the same tempo a hummingbird flaps its wings is no longer a financial hazard. The opportunities are limited only by your own desire.

The new era in photography is no longer new, it is well established. And things will turmoil once again, and we will face a new era. I have decided to make the best out of what ever the circumstances are in this beautiful pursuit called photography.

It is still all about painting with light !


8 thoughts on “The lost days of velvia

  1. I remember those days! The process certainly has changed. I definitely miss the days in the darkroom. It is a much different experience from digital processing, editing, and printing.

  2. Thank you for your comment Nicole! I want the convenience of the new stuff, and a little of the “texture” and “organic” feeling of the great tools/technics of the past! Respect!.. to those who still use them!

  3. i remember the days too . . . @ about a dollar per photo or slide, I didn’t take so many risks. And even though I refused to go digital for many years, I’d not want to go back to those days. Very nice photography on your blog. keep up the good work!

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