5 ways to stay motivated #3

cycling, Tip nr. 3: Periodization

Periodization is the act of deliberately varying the volume and intensity of your training activity during the year.

For most people volume and intensity is high in periods of high motivation. The plan is often to keep training for increased fitness week after week. The idea is fine, but it does´nt  work in the real world where we live our every day lives. The mind and body consider everything we do and ads it up to the total amount of stress on our system. Training and exercising is only a part of what takes a toll on our body. Work, familyobligations, and off course health, are all a part of the equation that determines the rate of improvement and skill level in our activity of choice. And even more important, the strain on our mind and body.

Periodization then, when done right, is a crucial way of balancing our active life. Avoiding burnout, sustained motivation, and good health are possible benefits from a planned schedule. Plan for periods where you only maintain a certain level, no increase in fitness is wanted, because it is not possible in the long run anyway. Schedule maintainance periods when you know you will have a high workload, extended family activities, or are busy with other time- and energy consuming pursuits.

That way you can be highly motivated all year, and the thing that goes in periods is your training volume and intensity, not your motivation. Make 2013 a periodized training year!


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