Wabi Sabi


The term “Wabi Sabi” represents a Japanese way of seeing beauty and perfection. I learned about it some years ago and it has fascinated me ever since. Although hard to define, the two words describe an aesthetic. Wabi sabi carries the thought of beauty in unconventional things through an acceptance of change and imperfection.

Yes!, to the western mindset it might sound like a contradiction.  In western culture beauty and perfection is increasingly standardized. People, cars, houses and even personal gadgets are often defined as perfect or beautiful according to a norm that is narrow, industrialized, and only accepts one kind.

The consept of wabi sabi is sometimes described as beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” The term carries the idea of seeing beauty in the modest and humble, rarely a western way of thinking.

Asymmetry in handmade craftsmanship. The beauty that aging and elements of nature can create by altering the look of something as time goes by, are examples of this kind of aesthetic.

The whole idea of Wabi sabi is to me a fascinating way of seeing beauty and perfection. Maybe it is the way we should see other people as well. To truly see the beauty and value in diversity, celebrating uniqueness. And not only accept, but really learn to appreciate the genuinity in things that is meant to be just the way they are. The way an artist or nature made it.

I feel that only then can the real value of people, art, and societies be seen.


15 thoughts on “Wabi Sabi

  1. Thank you Yullia for your comment and thoughts. Yes, it is a fascinating concept, and I only know a little about it. By the way you tell your stories it is easy to see that you appreciate an unconventional mindset, and know how to see the “perfect” in imperfection.!
    PS: Your blog name is great, and exactly the way it should be 🙂

  2. What a Beautiful post !
    ( coincidentally, it excually clarifies the absurdity I was trying to show with my last post. disgusted by over the top materialism)

    p.s. bring us some of your snow, it’s all melting in Amsterdam 😦

    kind regards

    • Thank you Belinda. I am glad you liked it and that it mede sense to you.
      PS. At the moment the snow here is beautiful, covering the trees and all, but it can be a long wait for the spring at times. 🙂

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