Motorcycling for the naturelover


Motorcycle riding can be a great way of experiencing nature. It does´nt need to be the offroad, inthemiddleofnowhere gobi desert kind. Crisp Sunday morning rides on curvy backcountry tarmac roads is way sufficient .

For the non motorcycling enthusiast this statement might sound, “naehh  I don´t think so”. The sceptisism is understandable. After all motorcycling is associated with tarmac, noisy engines, and the smell of exhaust.

Still! It holds true. You sit out in the open with a broad view on the surroundings. The smell of grass and leaves gets to you inside your helmet, and you feel any change in climate or temperature immediately. The feeling of freedom is strong, you really flow through the landscape.

I often bring my camera and I have noticed that I seem to create different pictures than what I do when traveling by car. Maybe it has something to do with the state of mind that motorcycle riding puts me in. Riding motorcycles on narrow mountain or seaside roads is a wonderful way of experiencing nature…and life! If you get the chance..try it!20120830-_DSC5751


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