Seaside silence


Winter is my favourite time to visit beaches and recreational spots by the sea. The landscape is half asleep in a way.  Snow covered ground and dampened day light seem to create a distinct silence. Only a few birds inhibit the seaside, and even they tend to be a bit more quiet than usual. The campfire spots are covered with snow and seldom do you see the people and families that enjoy the beaches in the summertime. When the summer comes there will be campfires and playing on the beach. Pleasant sounds of people having fun, childrens laughter, and couples holding hands…

….This time of year there is only an abundance of silence.


10 thoughts on “Seaside silence

  1. Joshi and Tina! I deeply appreciate your comments. What you both mention, the moody colors and serenity, puts in to words my exact feeling of the place on this particular day. Thank you for doing that!!

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